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The art lab of painter, decorator, stage and costume designer JOLE PRATO explodes to life in the eclectic arts and crafts district of Milan.


Multiple collaborations with the most prestigious theaters in the world and international interior design projects have been the mainstay of her impressive career.


Her impeccable attention to detail and color selections, together with her distinctive designs and decorations, play a central role in her art. As an artist and artisan, her creations are one of a kind and completely handmade. Initially preparing most of the art in her studio, it’s then laid-out on the scenic

fire-retardant cotton canvas and applied to the walls on location, where her extraordinary art blossoms to life.


The colors used are long-lasting and indelible water acrylics, watercolors, gold dust, and other personal touches, which enhance the creations with special, magical effects.


Jole Prato has created her art all over the world including Italy, London, Paris, Brussels, Moscow, Lugano, Zurich, Budapest, New York, Palm Beach, Beijing, UAE, Cap Ferrat, Roquebrune-Cap Martin.



© 2014 Jole Prato | Via G. Guerzoni, 42 | 20158 Milano  | P.IVA 10348860155 |

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